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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

So you base that bold assertion, that it wasnt faked, because LaMotta actually threw punches? Please explain to me why before hand the word was out that LaMotta was going to throw the fight, why he would admit to throwing the fight later (and his injury, a damaged spleen, was part of it) and go through with the incredibly demeaning testimony and possible reprisals (and if you scoff at that you dont know what you are talking about).

So Joey not confirming or denying it to this day is proof? Joey died over twenty years ago so there is no way for him to confirm it "really up unti now."

You dont trust LaMotta, who had far more to lose than gain by saying it, then go read some of Foxes interviews later in life where he denied knowledge of any of the fixes but admitted after the fact that most of his fights had, in hindsight, been prearranged.

Lamotta had other losses, why lie about this one? When he could have just said he had an injury and was fighting a bigger younger guy? Why not lie about Kilgore too, or any other loss. Why not just say he was injured instead of creating a huge lie that ultimately got him in far more trouble and could have potentially threatened his well being?

No, your dismissal makes no sense.
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