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Default Re: Ali on Heavy Bag

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
I disagree, Ali would look like a little boy against the Klits. The Klits are only good on the outside, the range that Ali likes to fight at. I think someone like Frazier or Tyson would have a far better chance at beating a Klitschko than Ali. Styles make fights. To beat a Klit you have to work your way inside, that's not something Ali ever did.
Ali has the greatest footwork in Heavyweight History. Your overrating the K2 and underrating Ali. He won't have to work his way inside, he literally can cruise to a points victory. The Wlad-Wach bout showed that Wlad is unable to put long punch combinations together even against a slow footed giant like Wach. A single jab or straight right hand just won't be enough to put away Ali.

I can't take your post seriously though due to the fact that you suggest that Ali was unskilled and a poor technician. I will not continue this discussion because the sole purpose of this thread was to provide footage of Ali working on the Heavy Bag.

Originally Posted by The Spider View Post
It's testimony to Ali's greatness that he still frustrates the hell out of trolls so desperately trying to detract from him, all these years later.
True, there's a sense of insecurity here e.g Some of these K2 fans strongly imply that both Klitschko's would KO past greats yet quote Mike Tyson as gospel when he suggests that both brothers would be competitive in any era. Hypocrisy.
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