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Default Re: Kessler "Ward Has No Guts "

Originally Posted by Bulletproof View Post
No fighter is unbeatable. I think Buster Douglas proved that didn't he? Ward will be a tough win for anyone from 160-175. That is a fact!!!

As a fan I want to see good competitive matches. Ward beat Kessler handily the first time. I don't want to see that again. Let's say they do fight again and the outcome is the same. What, would there be a third fight? If their first bout was close, sure, do it again, but it wasn't. That's like Cotto wanting a re-match with Floyd. I don't want to see that, for what?

Just because Ward is running out of challengers at 168 doesn't mean he should go fighting guys he already beat a second time....
Imo he beat kessler but the way of the victory was a bit contentious in the eyes of many. It certainly wasn't a good clean fight.

If it was true, kessler said he wasn't fit going into the fight then there is and should be some call for the re-match. I also believe kessler was promised a crack at the s6 winner due to the nature of his pulling out?

Don't get me wrong, i am not exactly excited at the prospect of ward kessler 2 but I just can't see anything else for him to do other than fight the big money fights and lets face it he would get paid big for re-matching kessler in Denmark. In the same vain he would get highly rewarded for a fight against the cobra in England. Both very winnable fights for him and the rewards are still there, more so than any other fights available to him
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