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...but then I read this one >>>

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
The primary difference Russell, is that Lyle had a counter punching style that Frazier did not have. Lyle cought Foreman ( and other opponents ), as they were walking in, whereas Frazier persued by pushing forward. Frazier had the wrong style for Foreman, by lowering his center of gravity and lunging forward. Lyle stood back and countered. Now, why did Lyle manage to floor Foreman, and not some of his other opponents? I think the main reason is that guys like Joe Bugner and co. fought safer fights. Didn't walk in the way that George did. Additionally, I think there may have been an underestimating factor at work here as well. Foreman had just got through fighting Joe Frazier, Ken Norton and Muhammad Ali ( albeit a loss ). For him, the thought of losing to a #5 or #7 ranked contender was probably infathable.
Those two posts for me answer the question very nicely
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