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Default Re: Supplements, pic wars, big men, advice, and Lefty plus alts being destroyed Part

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
I'm having too much fun, I was bored but now I'm revitalised lol. Stop calling me Lefty, I got a pm from some other dude asking me if I'm lefty. Get a mod to do an IP check if you don't believe me.
What's that? More than 1 person thinks you're a loser?? Couldn't beee....
Lol Lefty think's that using Chrome IP changer will disguise his blatant insecurity and identity

I only lost due to size, as I didn't take steroids, and I trained in barely any time to compete, I still beat over half the people there. Also, look at my abs, 2nd from the bottom row far right of the pic, plus it makes mince meat of your claim I am 5ft 6 yet again.

You're pic was so bad, you made this alt and left because everyone utterly decimated you, then you got badly decimated on this name too because you tried acting up during my ban. You're a weird bi***ual swinger that's for sure
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