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Default Re: Supplements, pic wars, big men, advice, and Lefty plus alts being destroyed Part

Originally Posted by Anglosaxon View Post
None of those are steroids.

T3 in the final week, clen for 2 weeks and PH was over the counter and during my bulk, I did gain 30lbs in 6 weeks, a lot wasn't good weight, but I stripped it away well.

I know for a fact they were all on roids, they all asked each other what gear they were on, one guy who placed 5th had gyno too.
I know they aren't, but you aren't natural if you compete taking them. Running a propely planned cycle would of gotten better results and been a lot less liver toxic, only issue is the legality.

BTW as a critique, although your abs came through well, your hamstrings didn't seem to come through very well and as you say a lack of mass, particularly the lats IMO.
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