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Default Re: Supplements, pic wars, big men, advice, and Lefty plus alts being destroyed Part

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
How many pictures did you take before you found one you like?
How many haemorrhoids were produced during the squeezing?
You had to take steroids to look average and fail miserably at a bodybuilding show
You're killing me here buddy
lol old man Lefty utterly livid, now he accuses me of taking roids because I look so good

I am going to really show his true colours now, how about this weekend, we get other forum users to go to yahoo messenger, then judge us on a flex off on cam? that way it's completely impartial, you can't make excuses.... you won't do that will you Lefty, you learned the hard way last time going against a model

Watch old man Lefty make excuses.
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