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Default Re: Does anybody genuinely think Ricky Hatton can beat Pacquiao or Mayweather now?

Originally Posted by GazOC View Post
Aw, c'mon. Of all the "insults" on here you pick out that one as harsh? I don't post here as much as I used to be but most of Craneys threads/ posts at the moment just scream "look at me".
Just a little bit.

This post is just plain weird.....

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
I see the **** bandit crew are out in force again? They really think they run this place don't they? Sat on this forum all day every day and have been for the last 5 years, why don't you just meet up at the next big event and all have an ESB orgy gangbang?

Do you lot honestly think you are getting to me with this ****!?! Don't make me laugh!

A genuine thread, posing a genuine question, and they are here quicker than a bakery selling hot buns. They just can't get enough of me or my view and are now interrupting threads and turning them into *****fests. The same people who think they run the place, are now breaking it.

Well done. This place needs cleaning up, I've been cleaning up this board since I registered, we need power on here, give it to me admin and mods, I'm the man you need!

It doesn't matter anyway, I'm just assembling more people to my ignore list, soon, these people will not exist to me, they can follow me everywhere, post in my threads, fortunately for me and all the other sane people here, we won't be able to see you, or hear you! Hip Hip!


To those that are remaining on topic and discussing the subject, why thank you, we are the real winners on this board, not this bandwagon of scum who ruin it. WE make this forum. Pat yourselves on the back, while I do the same!'s wonderful ain't it....pat some more! Maybe try with both hands at the same time? Pat! Pat! Pat!
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