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Default Re: who is the greatest of all time? vote.

It's interesting that ranking Jack "Manassa Mauler" Dempsey high in these arguments is treated with ridicule by many here, and the apparent 'myth' of his greatness and prowess is exposed as a fairytale prejudice of the generations who revered him so .... but the even more ancient mythologizing of "Ruby" Robert Fitzsimmons, complete with stories of his unique one-hit super-power and unsurpassed p4p Godliness, is held up to be valid.

I know, I know people who hold those views will try hard to convince that the gulf in achievements and "resume" is huge, but it takes some doing to stretch is so that Ruby Robert can be placed inside the top 5 or 10 all-time p4p where at the same time Manassa Jack should be struggling to make the top 100, as many here will claim.

Just an observation.
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