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Default Re: who is the greatest of all time? vote.

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
True D, but lest we forget Harry Greb had FORTY FIVE bouts in ONE year WINNING them ALL...How great Hammerin Hank was Harry Greb was BETTER in that a Fritzie Zivic would never had stopped Greb even in the twilight of his career . Greb fought and beat more HOF champs than
Armstrong did , licked great LHs and heavyweights, fought the last FIVE years with the sight of only one eye,and had 119 MORE recorded bouts than Armstrong did...What made Greb a greater fighter than Henry was Greb was more versatile, took less punishment in his fights as Harry was
bouncing to and froe, throwing unlimited barrages of blows, and NEVER giving his opponent the ball as they were too busy defending themselves.
I have Greb, Armstrong, Robinson, Benny Leonard, Langford and old Fitz
as my top NON heavyweight All time greats, for what it's worth....
P.S. I saw a past peak Armstrong lose vto Ray Robinson and Beau Jack
at MSG. Robby won an easy decision over Armstrong playing with him and my favorite crowd pkeaser Beau Jack outsped ole Henry...There will never be another Henry Armstrong with a pulse in the low 40s...Cheers.
It just gets better

My old man passed on 16 years back & you must have been around the same age group as this is just such a similar recantation but more politly put than the expletive filled wrath from my old man that swept forth upon this whippersnapper as i fled the house
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