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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Marciano would win, and as Wladimir crumbled the nonbelievers would experience something very similar to what Newton would have had he been alive to witness Einstein’s theories weave their way into our lives.

A few years ago cross-trainer insinuated that it ‘gets to a point’ when a size differential is too much. Ted Spoon would counter that there comes a point when one size fits all. If size holds sway then our 7 footers would have scrubbed up better.

Very rarely is the opposite considered; Marciano was taught to fight even smaller. Many present heavyweights attempt to fight long, and upon realising Wladimir’s superiority in this department they know not how to shorten their punches, roll under jabs. Sure enough, in quick time, their confidence is shot.

Marciano would neither try to play Wladimir’s game nor would he get discouraged. Straight off the bat we have a new recipe forged from ingredients we already know the big man has trouble digesting.

So crude are some of these breakdowns that there’s this picture painted of a weak light-heavyweight pitifully swiping the air in futile efforts to clip the giants jaw.

Rocky would make him fight, he would make him uncomfortable, and as soon as he smells that which an army of incompetence has failed to invoke (namely fear) a Suzie-Q would whip around the next corner.
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