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Default Re: Poorest Title Fight Performances

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ali was sick by then ^^
He was out of shape and clowning around against an opponent who had absolutely no business contesting the heavyweight championship . Howard Cosell call it right for a change when he described the first round as "vaudeville".

The very fact that "Ali was sick" proves what a mockery of the heavyweight championship was taking place. A sick man can go into a heavyweight title fight, clown around and waltz for 15 rounds, and come out victorious ?
That's a horrible state of affairs.

Does Ali get a free pass because he was sick ?
Well, sure, if it's true, we can say he deserves sympathy and the authorities in boxing game that allowed him to carry on were to blame for that.
But we shouldn't overlook the fact that Ali's reign featured TOO MANY similar performances. I'd even say that the reason he ended up damaged was because of these terrible 'vaudeville' style performances in the ring, and in public sparring sessions.
An untrained, talented but aging champion 'having fun' letting young third-raters punch him at will and mugging his way to victory.
Whatever way we slice it, it is bad.

It's one of the worst performances in a title fight ever.
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