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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
There were rumors and very similar big shift in betting odds prior to Billy Fox's first bout with Gus Lesnevich, too. There were a lot of rumors back then, it was nothing unusual.

What's so terrible in admitting a supposed fake some 12 or 13 years after the fight had taken place and he was retired for 6 years? He ****ing admitted being a rapist and a murderer (even though the person didn't die in the end), "admitting" a fight fixed by the mafia was nothing big compared to that.

Whenever Joey LaMotta died, he had several decades to comfirm that story. He had not, even though there was no danger, and he couldn't hurt Jake's reputation any more. Quite probably because he was a more honest person than Jake, and didn't want to confirm a lie.

Having an injury certainly explains relative lack of LaMotta's rushing/punching style a lot better than a fix. But the injury wasn't mentioned at all as a possible explanation of his actions in that fight during the 1960 investigation, it was all about mafia.
You dont know what you are talking about Senya. The injury was mentioned during his testimony.

Why would you say he had nothing to fear in 1960? In fact he was very scared about reprisal in 1960 as he stated in his second book.

I think you make the case for me with your comment about Jakes numerous admissions. Yes he admitted to being a rapist, among other heinous acts. He also admitted when he was fairly beaten. Why lie about Fox?

Do you know anything about organized crime? You think they just forget things like this? No. I know people in my area who had dealings with organized crime more than fifty years ago and still wont talk about it for fear of what might happen.

You say the press reports dont match the stories of the bout but it was the press that prompted the investigation, fine, and resulting ban into LaMotta. At the fight Eddie Eagan said he thought it looked like it was on the up and up. The press screamed loud and long about how ridiculous the fight looked prompting an investigation.

There is also the little matter of the betting odds which the day before the fight were even. A massive influx of "smart money" flooded in at the last minute betting Fox all the way up to a 3-1 favorite. Thats a significant shift.
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