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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Do you even know how betting on boxing works? The odds shifted to 3-1 because of all the late money on Fox. Thats how betting odds get shifted. They are fluid and determined by the amount of bets on each fighter. If the odds were even the day before the fight and 3-1 at fight time it indicates that a large amount of money was bet on Fox at even money just prior to the fight. Late money is smart money as the saying goes.

I dont have to read a newspaper, Ive watched the Kefauver hearings which you can get from the library of Congress. He discusses his spleen injury and states that he was offered $100,000 to throw the fight. He only wanted a title shot. He agreed to the fix stating that the spleen (which was legitimate) gave him a built in excuse for his performance.

Nothing you say about Joey offers any proof whatsoever. Joey took the fifth. You take the fifth on the grounds that it might incriminate you. If Joey wasnt complicit why would would he take the fifth? Why not just refute LaMotta's statement? Historically taking the fifth generally points toward some level of guilt in the act you are asked to testify about. So you kind of shoot yourself in the foot with that argument.

You ask why Palermo (i.e. Carbo) would offer money to Jake to throw the fight. Thats a pretty naive question. They had a vested interest in keeping their fighter in the rankings. They also made money on the betting. And Lamotta stated plainly all that he was interested in was a title shot. Why would LaMotta lie about it when he was dealing with very dangerous people. Far more dangerous than a boxer.

Do you deny that these guys were involved in regular fight fixes, and manipulation? If you do I suggest you get yourself a tape or transcript of the Kefauver hearings, or read a few books dealing with this era whereby you will see their names continually pop up in dealings such as this.

I see you say you are from Russia so I can only assume that you arent that familiar with our legal system, and have limited access to sources. If that is the case why make such a bold statement as denying there was ever a fix?
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