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Default Re: ****** Kirks ESB Championships 2012 ******

-- Featured Fight --

Broner vs DeMarco
I want to come up in weight and fight the number one guy and the number one guy is DeMarco. It doesn't matter who it was, that's who I would be fighting. I just want to fight the best out there.


I'm gonna be me regardless. This is a fight...every fight is serious. Every fight is serious. But DeMarco, he's not a guy who..who's gonna trash talk. He's about business and that's what I like about him. That's how I know he's going to come to fight, he's going to be prepared. So, you know, I'm well prepared. I train so hard every fight. This is definitely one of my biggest fights ever. From here on out it's only going to get bigger. I'm not going to do much talking. He's a nice guy, if I talk too much I' gonna look like the bully.

But anyone still can get it. AfriCANs, AmeriCANs, MexiCANs. Anybody still can get it, and he's going to get it.


“It’s time to put on a show. You’re not just coming to a boxing show, you’re coming to the Adrien Broner show. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be entertaining. There’s going to be a lot of smiles. Some might cry, but at the end they’ll laugh about it.”

“A knockout is only a punch away. So you’re always careful. I’m stronger than a lot of people think. On Saturday you’ll see that.”

Adrien Broner met with assembled media prior to embarking on a clean up effort in support of storm relief. He was respectful of WBC lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco saying, “He’s definitely my best opponent so far.” To no surprise “The Problem” remains confident, “(DeMarco) was fighting good guys, but he wasn’t fighting Adrien Broner.”
"Assuming everything goes well it will be good for my career but being honest it isn't the biggest or most important fight of my career. Those fights (the most important) got me to the point where I was able to get this fight. I'm sure that a win will get me even bigger fights.

“With all due respect Broner is Broner and Mayweather is Mayweather.”
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