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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Exactly what I said at the very beginning, he had a lot of time when neither he, nor Jake could be prosecuted for admitting or refuting it or threatened by the mafia.

There were two investigations regarding that particular bout and a third one regarding boxing in New York state in general. None of the three had found any irregularities about the LaMotta-Fox bout.

LaMotta was a ranked middleweight. By beating him Fox didn't gain much. He wasn't about to lose his rankings or be denied another chance with the champion.

Don't attribute me with things I didn't say. I never said all of Fox's fights were legitimate. The fact is, I don't know. All I know is:
- the results of three commissions investigations in 1947-1948 had found no evidence of a fix in that bout,
- the admitted injury that had to affect Jake's performance, especially after Fox pounded him to the body in the first round,
- Fox being a big favorite was not for the first time in his career, also considering Jake was found to be about 5 pounds heavier than expected, and the income of Philadelphia money the day of the fight, the odds had to shift in Fox's favor, regardless whether it was fixed or not,
- rumors about fixed fights were nothing new, they were appearing every now and then regarding big fights, as commented on by contemporary writers,
- plenty of knowledgable writers who were at ringside considered Fox's punches to be very hard and Jake taking a real beating in that bout, especially when he got stuck on the ropes and couldn't get out of there for a while, why would LaMotta take so much punishment before stopping to fight back (some reporters claimed that after the fight had been stopped Jake ran around the referee and renewed the fight and had to be pulled away, he was in tears also when sitting in his corner),
- that Jake lowered his hands and stuck out his chin to Fox was a trick of his that he had showed in multiple other fights, where he'd make his opponent lead at him and counter them as they are coming in, increasing the effect of his counter - this is not my opinion, but of contemporary writers who commented on this tactics of Jake.
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