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Default Re: What is Lennox Lewis up to these days?

Originally Posted by skier47 View Post
He absolutely said it. He went on and on about how Lewis owed the sport of boxing this megafight. The purses discussed at the time were off the chart. He sensed boxing was beginning to decline in popularity and that this massive heavyweight rematch would rekindle fan interest especially since the win was by fluke cut. Fans would pay big to see the rematch of the two athletic giants. Foreman was a great boxer but a much better businessman; google the Foreman grill. He actually got a bit hostile against Lewis for backing away from the fight, especially during that H.B.O. rant; one of his last as a broadcaster for the network.

What a silly post!

Lewis owed the sport of boxing nothing!

Fluke cut?
It's been said ten thousand times but Klitty nut huggers can't hear it cos their heads are so far up the KO boys ****s that their ears are full of buttucks.

The best version of Vitali I've ever seen was roundly butchered by the worst version of Lennox I've ever seen. Those fluke cuts (note the plural) were caused by punches (remember them). Lennox even took the first 2 rounds off and still had Vitali in la la land by round 5.

Vitali's behaviour after the announcement was shameful and his constant bleating ever since is embarrassing.
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