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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

You keep associating Joey's silence with proof that LaMotta didnt take a dive. Joeys silence was just that, silence. It didnt prove one way or the other. At best his taking the fifth illustrates that he did in fact have some part in the fix.

Again, simply because an investigation doesnt prove anything doesnt mean it didnt happen. Dont be so naive. How many investigations have there been in to Don King that have failed. How many investigations into mob figures have gone nowhere? Are you so naive that you think that proves innocence?

Things like this are very hard to prove unless the conspirators come forward which one did in 1960, Lamotta.

You say that Fox had nothing to gain by beating LaMotta but again thats incredibly naive. LaMotta was a very highly regarded fighter who had never beenn stopped. A stoppage over him, even at a higher weight would be a feather in his cap and give credence to his challenge of Lesnevich. This of course also completely ignores the fact that LaMotta had been discussed as a possible challenger for Lesnevich and that the bout was promoted under the idea that the winner would fight Lesnevich.

Yes he dropped his hands and refused to fight back, letting Fox hit him. He had done this in the past but in the past he had actually come back to launch counter attacks. This time he just did nothing. You are willing to accept the words of the writers on this point but ignore that they thought this fight was highly suspicious.

You can believe what you want but you seem to be ill informed on several points, and unwilling to accept the pervasive influence of organized crime in boxing at this time.
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