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Default Re: Tony Danza vs. Mickey Rourk

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Hya Bummy. The name Schoolboy Bernie Freidkin brought back memories.
I met Freidkin and his wife a few years before he died about 10 years ago.
He had dementia when I met him. Freidkin and Bummy Davis were rivals from Brownsville in the 1930s,until Al Davis flattened Bernie Freidkin...
His wife's name was Lenore if I remember correctly, I met both of Bummy's brothers Big Gangy and Little Gangy...Bernie was a lot older than me and a gentleman but still had the heart of a lion, he was a boxing judge and he got me and my brother to sit on the stage of the felt forum in the 70's and I saw a KO in the corner where I could reach out and touch the fighters.

I heard that a big younger guy got disrespectful with Bernie one day and Bernie went after the guy and called him out even though 30 years younger...Me and a friend had a talk with the guy later on and convinced him to apologize to Bernie and to never entertain the thought again

By the way Bernie drew with 3 World Champions (Kid Chocolate being one and was a light puncher but a brilliant boxer, a great and lovable man
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