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Default Re: Guys Who Tend to Circle to Their Left (Your Right)

I don't think he's drawing my punch. He usually circles to the left to avoid my jab. There have been times where I feinted jabs or threw pawing jabs to make him go left and surprised him by throwing the right, but I wasn't able to land. Maybe his reflexes are just faster than my punches. Now that I think about it, I actually did land some clean right hands this way the very first time we sparred. Hasn't worked these last two times though. I'll work on trying to time it better next time so he moves into it.

Not 100% sure I understand what you mean about moving my lead foot closer to his. So as he moves left, try to move in unison to the right and far enough that my lead foot runs into his? And I should start by moving my lead foot the right, not my right foot?

The part about pivoting makes sense. That would give me a better angle and make it harder for him to defend and pretty much impossible for him to hit after I pivot, right?

Thanks for the reply btw.
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