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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

I express my opinion, no more, no less. If Joey admitted there was a fix later (many-many years after 1960), it'd be accepted with "we knew it". If he admitted there was no fix, it's hurt his relationships with his brother as well as hurt Jake's reputation, that he lied all this time. Silence can be interpreted too.

Three investigations started immediately or soon after the bout, two of which were looking into that particular bout only vs. general anti-mafia investigation more than a decade later that didn't find any proof of a fix except Jake's words, some of which he even took back. Let me see, what should I trust more? If somebody is naive here, it's not me.

Things like this are conspiracy theories, that contradict the principle of Occam's razor.

I repeat, LaMotta was a middleweight, who was thought to have gone back after making 154 1/2 pounds for Janiro fight (which bout also was investigated as being a fix, same as Marcel Cerdan bout). LaMotta had just lost to Cecil Hudson prior to Fox bout. Give me a break with your stories about his immense reputation at the time.

You didn't seem to read what I wrote. I said he was waiting for counters. Fox was fighting at long range at the time, something that didn't suit LaMotta, thus he invited him to come in close. Fox didn't do that, Jake figured his trick didn't work and didn't do it again. How would he counter if the opponent didn't get tricked and didn't come closer?

I know plenty about the crime in boxing at the time. I also know logic and theory of knowledge very well, and have a lot of experience in historical research so as not to trust somebody's words without seeing actual evidence, and to have less faith in secondary sources than in primary ones. I certainly don't trust Jake LaMotta's words as blindly as you do, and have done plenty of my own research on this bout using multiple primary local sources.
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