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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
Billy Fox didn't accept such a thing. He said he didn't know anything about LaMotta fight being a fix, he heard the rumors too, but he had no insight whether they were true or not.

People accepted that Willie Pep had won a round without throwing a punch too. Or that Sam McVea - Joe Jeannette fight involved tens of knockdowns. Had been believing in these things for decades, many still do.

Billy Fox did to accept it! He stated that every where he went people were saying it was fix, everyone, he stated he didnt want to believe but after a while he did. He ended that part of the interview saying, and Im paraphrasing: "why did he (Palermo) have to do that to me, why coudnt it have happened to someone else."

In fact he stated that before LaMotta was bought off Palermo told him he was going to try to fix it by buying off the referee. I guess Fox lied about that too?

He stated that after the LaMotta fight he was so despondent that his career went off the rails (nevermind that it also coincided with Palermo dumping him after his loss to Lesnevich).

If you are going to sit here keep denying that these interviews and the like took place then whats the point? You believe what you want and wont be swayed and deny any evidence to the contrary. So thats that. Have fun in fantasy land.

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