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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Here is an excerpt of the Kefauver hearings:

LaMotta: "I recieved an offer of $100,000 to lose to Billy Fox... which I refused. I said I was only interested in a championship fight. And Uh, it said it could be arranged, a championship fight might be arranged. Well, thats all I heard for about a couple of weeks and while in training I hurt myself and I went to a doctor and doctor examined me, took x rays and found out I had a ruptured spleen and said I couldnt possibly fight... but i thought i could... but toward the end when i realized that i couldnt possibly win i uh... i uh... said I would lose to Billy Fox if I was guaranteed a championship fight."

Now, do you want to deny he said anything about his spleen? Whats that about your great research background? If anything it sounds like LaMotta used the spleen to deflect criticism of the fix, not as an excuse for the loss, or the fix as an excuse for the loss.

Either way the testimony he gave was damning both to himself and the fight establishment. He certainly didnt benefit in any way from it so the idea that he did it to save face after a loss is pretty ludicrous.

He also makes it clear that he wasnt offered $100,000 and a championship. He refused the $100,000 in favor of the championship. So another of your quibbles is now gone.
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