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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

This is word play. Accepting and believing are not the same things, per se. But I don't want to go there. The fact is Fox had no insight knowledge, and his manager swore on his wife and children there was no fix. So you can't use Billy Fox's testimony, whether it was a fix or not. He didn't know.

The injury didn't get into several NY newspapers and wire reports I've read about the 1960 investigation. That's why I asked for your source that it was mentioned. Did I deny he never had done such a thing when I asked your twice or thrice about that?

"Toward the end" is when? Toward the end of the fight?

Ok, you made me dig out my copy of raging bull.

Chapter 18.

So Joey was going after the Fox fight, and one day I was at the gym, lacing on my shoes in my room, and the door opened and there was Salvy with that goddamned toothpick of his. Just instinctively my hands went into fists.

"Jesus Christ," I said, "am I gonna have you on my ass for the rest of my life?"

He took the toothpick out and held his hands out in front of him. "Now, take it easy, Jake," he whined. "Why are you always givin' me a hard time. You know I'm just the messenger boy as far as you're concerned. I just got one thing to say to you, but it's important. It's important for you, not for me...."

So I stood straight, but my hands were still fists.

"Okay, okay," Salvy said. "Jesus, does everything have to be a torture test with you? What I came to tell you--you can have a championship fight."

I didn't believe him. Who would send Salvy with a message like that? "Aw, blow," I said. "Whaddaya mean, you rat *******? How would you know, anyway? Who'd tell you?"

I guess he sensed I wasn't going to slap him around.

"Look, Jake, this is different," he said. "Siddown, huh? Siddown?"

What did I have to lose? I sat down. "So what's different this time?"

He kind of half-laughed and let out his breath. Then he went back to the door of the room and looked out, and he stepped back and stood where he could see if there was anyone coming. "This is what's different," he said. "You get a crack at the title... and a hundred grand besides... if you dump to Fox."

You know, as long as you live, you can't keep up with the mind of the good, ordinary, run-of-the-mill thief. If this Fox is so good--forty-three straight knockouts, remember, and he's a light heavy--what am I gonna get a hundred Gs for dumping for? And if he ain't that good, what is the mob building him up for?"
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