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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Im going by what was testified, not by a book that had portions fictionalized with the hopes of a movie deal down the road by Pete Savage.

If you cant use Fox's testimony then you cant accept that Palermo swore on his wife and kids it wasnt fixed because that came from Fox, who in the same instance mentions that Palermo was trying to fix it and insinuates that he didnt believe Palermo when he swore such. Gee imagine that, a gangster who would lie.

Exactly, the injury didnt get into the reports you read, so fundamentally your argument is flawed from the start by the limitations of your research.

Fox himself even admits that Jake pulled his punches in the fight, as was mentioned by several in the press and stated that several of his fights which were fixed he had a "feeling" about that as a fighter you just "knew" and this was one of those.

Silvani said the exact same thing. He had no prior knowledge of the fix but once the fight started it just wasnt right.

But lets disregard all of these experts involved, all of the interviews of first hand people, all of the testimony, all of the circumstantial evidence, and only pay attention to the few wire reports I can s****e together in Russia.

Good luck with that.
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