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Default Re: Does anybody genuinely think Ricky Hatton can beat Pacquiao or Mayweather now?

Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
I have to agree.

I like Ricky Hatton as much as anyone; absolutely loved watching him fight and think he is a legend, but its amazing how quickly people will let their hearts rule their heads.

If I had posted on here just six months a go saying that I thought Ricky could come out of retirement and have a chance at the top level again I would have been almost universally laughed off of the stage.

For me to suggest that he had a chance against Mayweather or Pac would have been simply ludicrous.

Yet here we are a week or so from his 'comeback' fight and already people are suggesting he could win rematches against two of the best fighters of this generation!

He hasn't even fought yet!

All we have is some training footage and a few photos.

I would dearly love him to win and look good doing it, but I'm a realist and know that he has a tough road ahead of him.

Any talk of avenging defeats, and shattering defeats at that, is extremely premature IMO.
Manny Pac has been beaten by Bradley & Marquez of late. And if people want to argue that he beat both Marquez and Bradley fair play. But the fact remains is that he looked unimpressive and was pushed by both fighters, enough to cause a mass split in opinions on who won the fight. Manny Pac has not dominated, or shown any signs of this inhuman power & speed, he had shown in his great destructive run starting with Oscar De La Hoya & ending with Shane Mosley.

Its not Manny Pacman's skills that have eroded, its his share physical attributes. In such a short amount of time, his performances show no resemblance to his former self.

I am not talking about the Manny Pacman at the lower weights, i am talking about the Manny Pac who moved up to 140, and started Usain Bolting mother ****ers.

Mayweather is on a different level to Manny Pac, a totally different technical level. Manny Pac has been beaten and pushed by two guys since, Ricky Hatton's retirement. Manny Pac seems to have lost some physical attributes speed & power & stamina, and has been beaten/pushed by two guys.

Mayweather is on a totally different level.

I don't think Ricky Hatton would beat Floyd Mayweather, but Manny Pac who's performances have dramatically decreased in a very short amount of time, yes! I would take a risk, and state right now! Ricky Hatton would beat Manny Pac in a rematch.

Anybody that knows boxing deep down knows, that Manny Pac was using PEDs. His drop in performances, in short a short amount of time don't make physiological sense. Some of his fans and admirers claim that he is shot, for a athlete who is still fairly young, and does not abuse his body.

"I am not buying that conclusion".

Manny Pac without his bionic power & speed/stamina. Is his another small welterweight, with decant speed, decant power, with limited skills, who struggles for one punch accuracy, combination accuracy is pathetic, and struggles to co-ordinate straight punches, **** defence aswell.
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