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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Word 'relative' means exactly that. Nobody contradicted anybody.

Not wrong. I didn't know that he died, but the fact remains, he hasn't confirmed it was a fix.

I asked a very clear question, wanting to hear your source. Proven wrong, but on a minor point that doesn't change much.

Even Jake himself in his bio doesn't fully understand what they were supposed to get for their offer of $100K and a title bout. They couldn't win so much money on betting (especially the many bookmakers stopped taking bets on Fox). Then what? Waiting for your version. Not to mention your lack of understanding of last-day betting.

Correct, as even Jake himself admitted not fully understanding what they were going to get if he lays down to Fox. The bout wasn't very big, relatively, of course, as compared to real big, anticipated bouts.

He admitted Palermo suggesting to bribe a referee. That's not fixing a fight, the referee wasn't going to knock LaMotta out with a baseball bat. Besides, if I recall correctly, the referee was chosen shortly before the fight, and not when it was only scheduled/discussed.
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