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Default Re: What is Lennox Lewis up to these days?

Originally Posted by sbbigmike View Post
Honestly I felt the weight helped Lennox who had a shaky chin, to absorb those vicious blows and stand up. A slender prime version wouldn't be able to get close and man handle Klit in the clinch, and stop Vitali from holding like he was

LL knew damn well Vitali was all wrong for him, he couldn't beat him, in a rematch Viatli would have been that much more confident, he retired because he knew he couldn't avoid the klits, he got spanked by the lessor brother, that ****ed up his ego like none other. To this day you can tell his pride was cut deep to the core, by Vitali, seeing his childish digs and things of such nature.

By LL retiring than manning up, it affected his ATG status big time in my book, before that fight I used to say LL in his prime would possibly win any theoretical HW h2h matchup, the match made me question LL. He didn't just get ko'ed like a HW occasionally does, he got his will broken in the ring, resorted to dirty tactics(In a Dirty fight), barely survived then retired

I'm a LL fan, but I cant defend a person whole calls them self a fighter and champ resorting to being a ***** boy
You think he delibertely put on weight to absord blows??

He came in as heavy as he did because he thought he was fight Kirk Friggin Johnson up until 10 days from the fight,and as such had clearly spent more time at the dinner table that the sparring ring.
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