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Default Re: Orlando Salido v Mikey Garcia - Who wins?

Originally Posted by JDK View Post
I'm not sold on Mikey Garcia at all. I think he's very mature for his age and has very good foundations.
But as much skill as he has, he also has weaknesses. I was not impressed at all during his last outing, but I won't judge him too harsh on that. What I do question would be his corner, game plan and over all experience to be able to deal and adjust to Salido.
I remember JMM winning, but not having the easiest fight against Siri. So technical skills might not be enough.
Salido by decision
Pretty much every round against Marquez was competitive. He can box well outside real well when he wants to, which is why I think he can counter and slip inside sneakily when his opponent doesn't quite expect it.

I'm also not sure Garcia knows how to fight backing up. He can box at range well, but haven't seen him take too many lateral or backwards steps.


Listen to those body shots.
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