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Default Re: Ike Quartey... School me on him.

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
I don't know how accurate it is to say that he stepped with his jab. In fact, he leaned his weight onto his front foot when he threw his jab and thus was unable to step with it. While this gave him a lot of pop in his jab, it also kept him from being a great, or even good combination puncher in most cases. Most guys with a good jab also follow with a good right hand and Quartey rarely did because he rocked his weight forward to jab, then had to rock it back again in order to turn his weight into his right hand. So instead of a 1-2 he threw a 1 and a 2. If he threw the "2" at all. He was generally a jab and jab again guy.
Two fights to watch. His fight against Vince Philips, who pressured him constantly. Quartey threw beautiful combinations and won easily against a guy that was right in front of him. The other is the fight with DeLaHoya. Watch how Ike is unable to close the distance in the rounds where he has Oscar hurt because of what I described above. Also, the fight against lopez, the draw. The jab is always there, but nothing comes behind it, again because of the way he rocked his weight onto his left foot to jab.
I won't lie, those three fights, Bojorquez, Wright, and Forrest are the only fights of his I've seen, and I definitely noticed him stepping with it.

I'll rewatch, though. Maybe I just caught him doing it in isolated spots, and I needed a couple fights to watch again tonight! Lopez and De La Hoya it is.
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