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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Wlad would do Vitali dirty, and Vitali even privately agrees.

Vitali's style is predicated on three things, you understand: Range, containing his opponents, and his ability to angle any shot. He pokes and prods with his left as often as he throws a real jab, to disguise his right hand and the cover steps to his left, he leans straight back to dodge punches, because it incentivizes an opponent to keep coming, which allows him to respond with right hands or a left hook from the hip that they bear into, and he holds himself.

Wlad is faster of hand and foot, he has the far superior left jab, and he tees up with his right hand. Vitali wouldn't be able to lean out of the way; See the Wach fight, Wlad would land time and again. Vitali wouldn't be able to contain Wlad; His little brother is his physical match in the clinch, and while not as tough, is just as, if not more, dogged. We called him the octopus only half to rile him up, he's literally next to impossible to shake. Wlad's height and command of his own range would make Vitali's favored angles and his up and down way of accessing them utterly ineffective. Can't throw the hookercut, can't circle the right hand(Wlad would come over with a left hook, and used to do it in sparring so often when they were kids Vitali had a nickname for it), and wouldn't have a clear shot at the counter left hooks he loves.

So, basically, outboxing and overpowering Wlad is right out. He'd lose a stand-up scratch and peck boxing match just off of being the slower, inferior fundamentalist alone. His only approach left would be to "march forward" and fight Wlad; This romantic notion held by boxing fans that tough chinned, big hearted fighters can just decide to shrug off punishment and march forward, come hell or high water, to brawl on the inside or near mid-range, by God.

Thing is, Vitali has never been a fighter; He can be aggressive, but he's too awkward and his linear footwork sucks for a big man. In the Corrie Sanders fight, he eventually settled into doling out an ass beating because he realized his optimal range, he found a way to stay in it, and he just punched until the referee waved his arms. When he tried to come forward and attack, Sanders was drilling him very, very hard, wobbling him, and forcing him backwards. Vitali might be able to bring the action, but he can't brawl; His shoddy advances would be entirely neutralized by his brothers jab.

This is my estimation, honestly. I can't say much else, beyond giving credit where it is do and affirming that both brothers treated me very roughly. Two worst ass kickings of my life, I would estimate. Vitali is a badass, and one of the most underrated rubix cubes in all of boxing, that style is so awkward and their is no rhythm, and his timing is seriously otherwordly. Wlad is just the whole package, though. In that way, he is Lennox Lewis' true succesor, in my book.

Singing the praises of fighters who are a lot better than I am is hard, understand. Pride is involved. But the K Bros are class acts, just like Lennox Lewis was, and if they can treat me with honor, respect, and deference I'm not sure I earned from them in the ring, then by God, I'm gonna be honest about how badass I think they all are.

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