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Default Re: Ike Quartey... School me on him.

yeah, Quartey had a great power jab, but not really a well rounded one.

I think when he stepped forward it was more step then power jab(with weight all rocking forward as said), one quickly after the other- rather than stepping in off the back foot with the punch while retaining the ability to throw other shots from his main stance once he's planted again.

Made him vulnerable to being turned by fighters with good footwork.though he only really faced that against Espana and Carr.

Oba didn't really have the engine or offence to capitalise on his footwork advantage, though he did surprisingly hang tough and did well at times because it always gave him a bit of breathing room. Espana wasn't particularly quick or reflexively gifted to be slipping loads of Quartey's jabs, but his educated movement and ability to step to the side after Quartey jabbed and throw combo's had the fight about even.

Surprising that Oscar fought so flat footed against him, when a more mobile strategy would have been far more efficient imo.At least for 7-9 rounds.
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