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Default Re: Sonny Liston vs. Nino Valdes 'The Chicago Test'

Sonny Liston's cornermen were a bit nervous in Round 2, as Sonny again
seemed to freeze when he was getting hit.

Nino poked with his long left hand, and scored with some nice left jabs,
which started to close Sonny's right eye.

The two got involved in some close quarter exchanges, and both seemed
fairly 'even' in trading punches.

After 2-Rounds, Sonny was ahead 1-0-1 in Rounds on two Scorecards,
and Nino was ahead 1-0-1 on the other card.

Sonny came back to his corner after Round 2, with a nearly closed right eye.
His cornermen were waiting for hism with an ice-pack, and immediately applied it
to the closing right eye, in an effort to stop the fast swelling.

At the bell sounding Round 3, Sonny was slow getting out of his corner, and was
met by an aggressive Valdes, who came quickly from across the ring.

In a flash, Nino fired a 3-punch volley, followed by a stunning left hook that crashed
off of Sonny's exposed jaw.

Stunned for a 'flash', Sonny retaliated with a volley of solid punches that seemed to
take everything out of the 34 1/2 year-old Nino's legs, as he rocked back on his heels.

Sonny then crashed a big left hook on Ninos' jaw.

With a stunned Nino in front of him, Sonny fired a solid combination that drove Nino into
the ropes where he bounced off into a whistling right cross by Sonny, that dropped Nino
crashing into the ropes at the 0:37 Mark.

Nino, with his right arm dangling over the lower rope strand was on his knees until the
7-Count, then rolled onto the canvas to be counted out a 0:47 of the Round by
Referee - Bernie Weissman.

Blinky Palermo had his 'associates' give a full report on Sonny Liston.

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