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Default Re: how can Seth Mitchell be 242 pounds

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
Actually, Chisora and Charr are both very widely built men by nature, as is Mitchell, Sam Peter, Hasim Rahman, etc. They are still in good shape at 230-240. Nobody complained about Chisoras shape for the Vitali fight, for instance, but he was only a couple pounds lighter. Those guys have more of an American football build. The Klitschkos have more of a basketball build. Charr and Chisora have both been too overweight early in their pro career like the Fury fight, but, yeah, even in their best shape, they're heavy, heavy guys for their height. Tanks. Mitchell is naturally heavy but also has the American football training he's coming off of. Built and trained to be like that.
Great ****ogy on the football build vs. basketball build. It is spot on.

If you are unfamiliar with American football, Mitchell played a position, middle linebacker, in which his size and build is rather typical, especially at the elite level. He wants to be able to get his shoulder level low and drive through an opponent who is most likely running towards him.
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