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Default Re: What is Lennox Lewis up to these days?

Originally Posted by sbbigmike View Post
I didnt say that, I said the weight helped him stay on his feet, and man handle and at times maul Klit in the clinch

A skinny in better shape LL gets ko'ed early IMO, and just because he was heavy doesn't mean LL wasn't in shape, being in shape is subjective, it damn sure didnt show in the ring, he fought his best match up to that point, and stood up to all that punishment, it was clear that he was well conditioned...............That excuse is BS all around
A 240-245 Lennox isnt "skinny". Hes just as powerful,but he'd be faster and fitter.

That kinda Lewis goes in and lays on more pressure, lands more huge punches and finishes it even earlier.

What differences does the extra weight mean to someone like Klitschko whos fought heavier guys??

The only person the extra weight hurt is Lennox, who was huffing and puffing early,an dn the only person it helped was Vitali who managed to land some punches on the old, heavy,inactive Lewis
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