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Originally Posted by AdamH View Post
Terribly organised. some of those who paid the 300 to get a photo didn't...i didn't pay 300 but just turned my red wrist band inside out so it looked white, which was the colour you were given if you had paid for photo. I'm not a stingy bastid was just curious as to just how **** it was organised. My ex who was with me didn't pay and didn't have any wrist band but she just queued anyway and got a photo with him.

they didn't even know when the talk would be, it happened about 8pm..bear in mind the photos session was at 1-3, you should hope there is a pub near the venue.

Place was less than half full. May be a third

$13.50 jugs on a Friday at the plough inn, south bank incidentally
How long did Tyson actually talk for ? I bet it wasn't too long and how did you enjoy the other talkers ? Were they there to talk investing ?
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