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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by Absolutely! View Post
I'm sorry but I think you're plain wrong about Wlad, especially regarding his skills vs Bowe, who tends to get rather overrated based on his strong showing against Evander. Is his speed as great as a welterweight? Uh, no, but it's perfectly acceptable for a heavyweight, even compared to a relatively small heavyweight like Haye. Is he amateurish? Absolutely not.

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but the biggest problem I see with detractors of Wlad is that they think of him as first and foremost as a giant in the vein of Carnera, Willard and co, only with better boxing ability (if they even accept that much). Wlad isn't a giant who can box, he's a boxer who's naturally huge. That's a slight but very important difference.
Manny did for Wlad what he did for Lewis -he revamped his whole style around two things -his size, and his dentable chin.

Futch was a master trainer and if he got a hold of a fighter the way he got a hold of Bowe, for however long Bowe listened, he could be counted on to inject serious technical skill into his charge. Bowe had a skill set you almost never see among the giants. Now, you and Seamus can criticize when he used particularly skill sets (inside on Holyfield, etc) and his mistakes, and his strategy, and very rightfully his horrible diet and slothfulness, but to say that Wlad at his best is more of a technician than Bowe was at his best is questionable.

As to Primo Carnera, I think you underestimate his skill set.
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