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Default Re: how fake was the lamotta vs fox dive?

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
Im just glad Ive been enightened. Its a huge weight off my shoulders to know no fight was ever fixed successfully, regardless of how hard supposedly crooked managers, promoters, and gangsters tried. I say supposedly because we have no proof they ever did anything wrong and the ones who actually did serve jail time were framed. Organized crime in America is a myth.

Im not even sure boxing actually exists.
Reminds me of the sketch in the '60s movie DIVORCE AMERICAN STYLE

Robert Morse's character -- with extreme seven year itch -- admires how Walter Mathau's character is constantly philandering and never gets caught.

When Morse asks Mathau how he does it. Mathau says, "just deny it 'n keep denying no matter how red-handed you are"

So Morse sees how successful mathau has been and he decides ta use the strategy just in case he gets caught.

Sure enough his wife bursts in on him and Jayne Mansfield, both naked in a hotel room. She says, "what's the meaning of this? "What? Morse says, while he and Mansfield slowly get dressed 'n straighten the bed

"This. You. Naked, having ***?

"What ***? I wasn't having ***," as they both donned their last articles of clothing 'n bid each other farewell.

He settled into a chair and started reading. His wife was beyond perplexed (where her eyes playing tricks on her?)

The moral: Deny Deny Deny
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