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Default Re: Should Vitali end Haye's career?

Originally Posted by JAB5239 View Post
Byrd was ducking Vitaly after coming to Germany on 10 days notice and making him quit and than twice fighting the much better brother. Yeah that makes sense. The point of a rematch was Vittles lost, was being backed up by a guy he towered over and significantly outweighed, because the German fans, his fans were cheering Byrd and he promised them he'd het his belt back. And if Byrd was a nobody than why was he ranked 10th in 2000 while Vits was unranked, 3rd in 2001 while Vits was unranked and two on 2002 while Vots was 7th and 2nd in 2003 while Vits was ranked 1? Seems to me Byrd was there the whole time and Vittles did everything in his power to avoid fighting the man who made him quit again.
Well I already spotted a huge mistake right from your first sentence. Byrd didn't "make" Vitali quit. The only reason Vitali quit was because of a self inflicted injury. Byrd didn't do ****. Especially with the fact that he didn't even win 1 entire round througout the fight. Byrd ducked Vitali because he knew he'd lose every round and he knew that if he actually fought a 2 armed Vitali over the course of an entire fight he would get KO'd just like he got KO'd against Wlad. And what rankings are you using? Those are not accurate at all. Byrd was a nobody while Vitali was WBC champion. Vitali is much better than Byrd, and it's kinda pathetic that a fully healthy Byrd couldn't take out a 1 armed Vitali by decision/KO.

Byrd ducked the rematch because he knew what the end result would be. He decided to take the less chinned version in Wlad but that didn't work either because of Wlads superior ability.
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