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Default Re: I hope people don't overrate Broner's TKO win over DeMarco

Originally Posted by MollyWhop View Post
attempting to undermine a great win for Broner before it happens. well played.
Just keeping things in perspective

funny how Demarco is also "the beast" Valero's best opponent.
Valero fought nobodies that's why DeMarco is his best win.

saying you think Broner would spark Demarco out, you're actually giving him props on the low and pretty much saying he's a damn good fighter.
Ofcourse he's looking very good I just hope we see him fight some other very good fighters soon and not have to rely on him beating up C+ fighters then have his fanbase run a PR campaign to have us all believe those C+ fighters to be great.

surely someone who "lost" to little De Leon shouldn't be favored to KO someone like Demarco, right?
Like I said I think De Leon is a better boxer then DeMarco.

like it or not, Broner will be ranked #1 in the division if he wins. and it's a great win.
I fully expect him to be ranked number 1 at 135 lbs
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