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Default Re: Lennox Lewis: "Vitali paid off Kirk Johnson to cancel the fight with me"

Originally Posted by WiDDoW_MaKeR View Post
No, he should have simply rematched Vitali and retired. He was offered over 25 million dollars. It was the fight that all fans wanted to see. Boxing needed it, the fans needed... and their first fight left nothing but questions. It was the biggest talk in boxing... and Lewis decided to retire as soon as the WBC ordered that he fight Vitali.

Before Lewis fought Vitali, he was saying that he was going to fight at least 4 more times. He said that like a fine wine, he gets better with age. He was considered to be at the top of his game... much like Wlad is at nearly the same age right now. Even after the fight Lewis promised Vitali and the fans that he would get the rematch.

I wonder what changed his mind? I think we all know.
Did it ever occur to you,that a man who by the time the rematch happened would be 38,who had 10s if not 100s of million in the bank. Acheived EVERYTHING in boxing, just didnt give a **** anymore??

The money meant nothing to him at that point. Maybe he just didnt want to have to go through yet another training camp, get up at 6 and go running.

I mean he clearly wasnt training hard for Johnson. Its clear that his motivation was waning.

If he had fought Vitali,the second time and beaten him,and then retired, people would say he was ducking Wlad etc.

Hr retired at the perfect time.

No point ghoing on and eventually getting beaten by someone he shouldnt have, while weighing 270 or something.


He fought the heaviest,oldest,least active Lewis that ever set foot in the ring and couldnt beat him.

He has to deal with that forever.

Lewis has his legacy.
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