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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by Aaron Contreras View Post
Thanks for the info!

Does Muay Thai translate well over to boxing?
Short answer, it’s the best combat sport to crossover from. All the things that boxers spend years developing Muay Thai converts already have. They grow up in the ring, follow a pro training regime and have so many fights by time they are in their early twenties. When they turn over they are battled hardened veterans still young in years 20- 25. Most of the important basic skills they need are already in place; supreme S&C, ring smarts, the ability to read a fight, staying calm under fire and a mature fight mentality are already there. These are important skills that take years to build up and learn. The only problem for the veteran Muay Thai fighter with powerful hands is to adapt his wealth of experience to learning new movements, patterns, combos and techniques, which is tougher than it sounds.

Again this is something we’ve spoken about a lot alreadyin this thread and one of Flea’s a major loves Thai MT converts to Boxing.

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
Ok, but that's why it was just a question.
Excuse me for my lack of knowledge.
Fair enough, we just get alot of nutjobs in here from the main looking for agro they have little respect or interest for anything other than Boxing, so when you get a post questioning the records of the world's most battle hardened warriors, you wonder where there coming from....
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