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Default Re: Bob Arum: Legalize Marijuana in Boxing

Originally Posted by HeavyT View Post
what reasons? alcohol should also be banned, but its not (or isnt in your system long enough to be caught)
The drug has two effects and although they are opposites, they are both why the drug should continue to be banned. Firstly, it makes people more relaxed which is an advantage in boxing. Secondly, and more seriously, it reduces a boxers capacity to defend themselves properly by making them lethargic. It would be dangerous to the fighter taking the drug to be allowed to fight whilst high. They wouldn't be able to defend themselves properly and that makes them more vulnerable to brain damage.

Drugs are a problem in boxing when they assist a fighter or their opponent. They make the sport even more dangerous than it is and that's why they should be banned. You may say that's it's up to the fighter whether they want to use marijuana or not, but the fact is that if there was a brain injury and the fighter was found to be high and therefore unable to defend himself properly, it would be a massive **** up.
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