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Default Re: Ive been told most pro boxers dont snap there punches, WHY?

Originally Posted by OMGWTF View Post

Not only do snapping punches have more power and speed they require less energy as well!

Of course you can throw full power snappy punches with the intention of finishing them or light snappy punches for energy conservation/ point scoring. Either way its gonna save you more energy.
When you throw snapping punches it's more for fighters who have speed and in abundance.....The truth of the matter is it requires more energy to throw snapping punches than punching through your long as you hit your mark that is.

Sometimes speed equals power....sometimes it takes power away. PAC is a rare fighter who has a lot of speed and power which allows for his style of helps his conditioning is on another level as well.

If a fighter like Cotto....wasn't accurate....Missing a lot of his shots would expend a LOT more energy and he would fade even more down the stretch of a fight.

A fighter like Paulie Malinaggi snaps his punches but it has a lot to do with his brittle hands and the fact that he's just not a puncher with he's fast! But becuase he snaps...or pulls his punches it takes away from his power.

Boxers have certain styles to suit their highlight their natural qualities...if a fighter isn't a heavy handed fighter, but has a lot of speed and cat like reflexes....more than likely he'll be a fast, flashy fighter with snappy punches...if a fighter is slow but heavy handed...his style would see him putting more mus**** behind his shots not throwing "shoe shine" combinations.
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