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Originally Posted by Garrus View Post
Duranimal dropped the ****in H-Bomb on it.

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Absolutly spot on! James Toney is just another example of a boxer who is streets ahead of this phantom farce Mayweather

****in skills!!! If mayweather had the skills he would'nt have spent these last 6 years avoiding all clear & present dangers, his resume is **** poor at best! Mayweather is just a gob shyte fraud, if Castillo can **** him up & Judah best him for 5 rounds then Mayweather's gonna get ****in murdered by Duran/SRL/Hearns & co. Only a premature ejaclator would think that mayweather has more skill!!!! SKILL? What ****ing SKILL? Sqeaking past an old man in DLH, WBU standard HATTON! C Level s****per GATTI, D Level BAG of CEMENT Baldomir

Mayweather is a joke & the jokes on boxing! Mayweather is **** scared to fight a midgit How the **** can anyone with an ounce of common sence say that this fraud Mayweather has more skill that Duran If the likes of SRL can have his **** handed to him then how the **** is this one punch at a time! Stay on the ropes! Hide behind the shoulder & hope for the best! Where is the skill that will nullify Duran's all out assault & how the **** is Mayweather going to be even able to breath!

Where is this so called skill that mayweather possess that can overcome the titans! He ai'nt ****in got what it takes period! He'll always look good against selected opponants. But there is absolutly no way that he could ever overcome the premier league boxers like Duran/SRL/Benitez & Hearns. Mayweather is tailor-made for Duran & Duran is one of the slickest boxers out there, go read what Angelo Dundee said about him. AS an ealier poster quite rightly pointed out, these daft ****s who coo over Floyds **** don't actually understand the real meaning of Skill or as to how it ought to be correctly defined & presented. If mayweather had all this vaunted SKILL he'd not be the coward he is! Would he
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