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Originally Posted by Garrus View Post
Duranimal dropped the ****in H-Bomb on it.

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Absolutly spot on! James Toney is just another example of a boxer who is streets ahead of this phantom farce Mayweather

****in skills!!! If mayweather had the skills he would'nt have spent these last 6 years avoiding all clear & present dangers, his resume is piss poor at best! Mayweather is just a gob shyte fraud, if Castillo can **** him up & Judah best him for 5 rounds then Mayweather's gonna get ****in murdered by Duran/SRL/Hearns & co. Only a premature ejaclator would think that mayweather has more skill!!!! SKILL? What ****ing SKILL? Sqeaking past an old man in DLH, WBU standard HATTON! C Level scrapper GATTI, D Level BAG of CEMENT Baldomir

Mayweather is a joke & the jokes on boxing! Mayweather is shit scared to fight a midgit How the **** can anyone with an ounce of common sence say that this fraud Mayweather has more skill that Duran If the likes of SRL can have his arse handed to him then how the **** is this one punch at a time! Stay on the ropes! Hide behind the shoulder & hope for the best! Where is the skill that will nullify Duran's all out assault & how the **** is Mayweather going to be even able to breath!

Where is this so called skill that mayweather possess that can overcome the titans! He ai'nt ****in got what it takes period! He'll always look good against selected opponants. But there is absolutly no way that he could ever overcome the premier league boxers like Duran/SRL/Benitez & Hearns. Mayweather is tailor-made for Duran & Duran is one of the slickest boxers out there, go read what Angelo Dundee said about him. AS an ealier poster quite rightly pointed out, these daft cunts who coo over Floyds **** don't actually understand the real meaning of Skill or as to how it ought to be correctly defined & presented. If mayweather had all this vaunted SKILL he'd not be the coward he is! Would he
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