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Default Re: Lennox Lewis: "Vitali paid off Kirk Johnson to cancel the fight with me"

Originally Posted by guncho View Post
whata bitter **** lewis is after 8 years he says it? It's clear that he didn't want to retire when he did.
Lennox Lewis is one of the nicest guys in bixing. He is also the best HW champ since Ali. I have never heard him say anything about johnson being bought off apparantly it only came to light long afterwards. Strange Johnson did get a shot though isnt it?
Lennox wife & his Mother were both begging him to retire. What did Lennox have left to prove he beat a 100% ready Vitali when only 80 %himself.
Lennox retired at exactly the right time he is a very content, happily married wealthy guy I wish him well in retirement he deserves it
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