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Default Re: Guys Who Tend to Circle to Their Left (Your Right)

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
The thing about circling left and an opponent's jab is this: Suppose you jab at me, get your punch off first. I can circle to my left, even a small arc, and get my jab to you before your jab gets to me because I cut the distance.
Generally when you are boxing somebody, your lead foot (if you are both orthodox) will be roughly in line with the center of his body, and his with yours. Get your left foot real close to his, so your body is off to his right. This makes him step left, in order to have an angle to land his jab/right hand, but then, instead of him moving around your right hand, it moves him into it. It also makes it easier for you to slip outside his left jab, turn him back on his feet, and allow you to land a "profile" right hand. if my memory is correct, the McGirt/Howard davis fight will illustrate this.
Your understanding of the pivot to the right is spot on. That is why you want to move the left foot first; otherwise you are expanding that angle. Watch the video of the Ali/Marciano 'fight', the sparring that was filmed for the computer bout. Marciano does what I am talking about, and he had to, because Ali always moved to his left.

But do you mean my body would be to his left, my right?

Think I get it now. If I were to relate it to the slip rope, having my lead foot closer to his would be like being on the right side of the slip rope, so his jab (the rope in this case) would be to the left of my head. Then when he moves to his left to try and realign himself to my center, he'd move into my right?
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