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Default Re: A question to the American fight fans on here.

Originally Posted by MrMagic View Post
He stopped the previously unstopped Timur Ibragimov in devastating fashion.
He knocked Chazz Witherspoon out after being in a bit of trouble early.
He has some highlight reel knockouts on ESPN, clobbering people unconscious with his right hand.

If Ali had fought Cooper in this day and age, people would be sporting this as their avatar:
And trolling Ali for his "glass jaw".

Seems like you american fans are afraid to get behind your heavyweights because you don't see success in them.... its quite distasteful.
After the Witherspoon fight gave Mitchell so much unnecessary ****e I used this exact same example.

"HAHAHAH This is the guy people think beats Wlad? He got hurt by Chazz Witherspoon!"

"Liston's going to murder this kid who nearly gets starched by Cooper. Glass jaw+Liston power = Shattered glass."
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