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Default Re: A question to the American fight fans on here.

Originally Posted by moparfan View Post
Its not so much that American fight fans don't get behind the Heavyweights (or other fighters). Its got alot to do with the media outlets, TV in general. FOX, CBS, SPIKETV, ETC. showcase MMA, Strikeforce, EliteXC, UFC types of fights and put boxing on the back-burner. The only time you will see boxing on non-premium channels or PPV is when NBCSports or ESPN Friday Night Fights has it scheduled and most of the time NASCAR or TENNIS runs late, and American boxing fans get stuck missing an exciting undercard fight.
The last boxing card I can recall on NBC (not NBCSports) was Calvin Brock vs Terry Smith back in 2004.
America is being saturated with gimmick MMA style fights. Fans are being sold on cheap knockouts (tapouts). Its pathetic that most Americans can't name the Heavyweight Champions of the World, let alone name an astronaut, but they can name the no-name palooka that fought on UFC...only because its re-broadcast numerous times on basic American television.
Go to any American city and you will see numerous MMA clubs/gyms but you will hardly find a boxing gym.
You really have to ask why the networks prefer MMA over boxing. 1) MMA fighers work for peanuts compared to boxers. 2) There isn't a single HW on the scene today who can generate the kind of excitement that Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Quarry, Bonavena, et al generated. They do not have the skills or the charisma. HW boxing is no longer financially viable for the networks.

I guarantee you that if you could resurrect a prime Jerry Quarry, and a prime Ringo, and stage the fight that didn't happen 40 years ago, the networks would run right over HBO and Showtime to secure the broadcast rights, and they would show that **** prime time!
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