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Default Re: Ive been told most pro boxers dont snap there punches, WHY?

Originally Posted by tliang1000 View Post
You snap your punches for defense purposes. It is use for more of a bluff/shock value. Almost like a hard slap. When you want to knock someone out, you follow through your shots and step into ur target.
I don't think you are correctly interpreting the OP's meaning of "snap." He means fast & sharp, as opposed to slower and heavy. (Well, I think so.)

You can "follow through" and still snap the arm.

I think you are referring to "pulling" a punch, which is completely different.

- And FWIW, Following through too far wastes energy, (see dealt_with's explaination) and puts you in a bad position defensively. It's almost a matter of semantics, though.

My old coach always told us to snap" and "flick" our punches. (his two favorite words.)
You don't need to load-up to have power, with a head shot. Power comes mainly from speed. - Plus a fast punch, thrown without loading up, is very hard to see coming.
Watch prime Roy Jones some time.
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